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Atmel Introduces its AVR 32-bit Platform for FlexRay In-vehicle Networking

The core of the evaluation environment is a 32-bit microcontroller based on Atmel¡¦s AVR32 proprietary architecture with FlexRay IP licensed from Robert Bosch GmbH. In addition, the environment includes a hardware LIN IP, a dual CAN IP, an Ethernet MAC and a set of general purpose peripherals. This environment includes also the AVR32 development tool set, a FlexRay stack, a FlexRay configuration tool and a network analyzer. A range of daughter boards are available to implement a complete network including gateway function or BLDC motor control.

The FlexRay Communications System is designed to provide high-speed deterministic distributed control for advanced automotive applications. Its dual-channel architecture offers system-wide redundancy that meets the reliability requirements of emerging safety systems. With 10 Mbps throughput per channel, the FlexRay system can also be employed as a vehicle-wide network backbone, working in conjunction with already well-established systems, such as CAN and LIN. Atmel is an associated member of the FlexRay Consortium (

Atmel¡¦s AVR32 is a modern 32-bit architecture designed to deliver both high performance and low power consumption and is especially suited to handle advanced protocols such as FlexRay. ¡§With this environment, Atmel can now provide to its customer a complete FlexRay evaluation platform,¡¨ commented Philippe Malecha, Atmel¡¦s Automotive Microcontroller Strategic Marketing Director. ¡§This movement to FlexRay will significantly extend our existing microcontroller offering covering CAN and LIN control, providing to our customers a broad range of solutions for their future vehicle designs

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