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Microchip Webinars

Graphic displays are becoming an important feature in many of today’s electronic end products. Following are four new webinars that should make it easier for you to implement and customize these user interfaces into your own applications.

How does a graphics LCD work? (14 minutes)
In this webinar, Gaurang Kavaiya, an Applications Group Manager at Microchip, explains how the graphics LCD system works and familiarizes you with some commonly used terminology like TFT, STN, etc.
You will learn about two different techniques to turn on individual pixel in graphics LCD, and also look at the passive matrix and active matrix topology to control thousands of pixels in graphics displays and their trade offs.

Graphics LCD System and PIC24 Interface (17 minutes)

In this second webinar, Gaurang explains the graphics LCD system and operation of its critical components and how to use it with PIC24 devices. You will look at two options of interfacing graphics LCD with PIC24 devices. In one case graphics display has LCD controller built-into the module and has CPU interface.

In another case, you will look into graphics display with RGB interface and use of graphics controller. You will also look at the example timing diagram which will help you in identifying required interface.

Microchip Graphics QVGA Display Solution (12 minutes)

Lee Koh, a Product Marketing Manager on Microchip's 16-bit PIC24 product line, shows you ways to add advanced graphics to embedded display applications that have been expensive and complex previously. He explains how Microchip has removed these barriers by offering a wide variety of 16-bit MCUs, free licensed Microchip graphics library, 3rd party support and low cost development tools. This web seminar will help you become familiar with the Microchip’s graphics solution, including the high level graphics system block diagram, library architecture and system requirements. It will also discuss target applications, the development tools and additional support that are available to accelerate the designer’s time to market.

Microchip Graphics Library Architecture (16 minutes)
Paolo Tamayo, a Senior Application Engineer for 16-bit PIC24 devices, introduces you to Microchip’s low cost, portable, easy-to-use and free Graphics Library for PIC® devices. This 16-minute webinar explains the architecture of the library, overview of each layer, and a brief example on its usage. It also covers how messaging makes connectivity for common user interface modules seamless.


Want to learn how to build a simple web-based status monitoring application for an embedded product? This 3-part webinar series will show you how and is available as a streaming media file or a downloadable pdf file with notes for your convenience.

TCP/IP Networking Part 1: Web-Based Status Monitoring (21 minutes)

Elliott Wood, an Applications Engineer with the Advanced Microcontroller Architecture Division (AMAD) at Microchip’s headquarters in Chandler, AZ, presents a series of web seminars on building embedded web applications. In the first presentation he discusses the HTTP2 web server module included with Microchip’s free TCP/IP Stack, and more specifically, how you can use Dynamic Variables to present data from your system to a web browser.

TCP/IP Networking Part 2: Web-Based Control (14 minutes)

In the previous seminar, you saw how easy it was to add web-based status monitoring to any application. This seminar extends that topic to provide online control for embedded products as well. The basics of web forms are explained, and the vending machine example gains some simple on/off functionality for its lights – all powered from your web browser.

TCP/IP Networking Part 3: Advanced Web-Based Control (16 minutes)

In the third session, you will see how to add online product name and price setting to our web-enabled vending machine application. To accomplish this, the POST method is explained in detail, allowing our application to receive unlimited lengths of data from any web form.

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