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Samsung Electronics MOBILE SDRAM/DDR SDRAM:A perfect combination of portable devices
The electric current of Mobile SDRAM is ultra low and it includes features of low voltage, TCSR, PASR and DPD that required by portable devices. It reduces the power loss of portable devices that use batteries. It adopts the DRAM technology of personal computers on portable phones.

Besides the qualities of Mobile SDRAM, Mobile DDR uses the structure and strengthening characteristics made especially for mobile system designs; which provides advanced power index, outstanding bandwidth function and reliability higher than standard DRAMs. These elements can ensure low power-loss, high quality, high reliability and better design strength. Mobile DDR uses Endur-IC technology which adopts advanced stacking procedure and other designing methods.

C. Product Features:

The differences between Mobile-SDR/DDRs and ordinary SDRAMs:

1. Lower power-loss and more voltage support options (1.8V,2.5V,3.0V)
2. Smaller volume (FBGA)
3. Higher memory capacity (768M/1G with DDP)
4. Higher working speed (Mobile DDR 333Mbps)

D. Product Applications:
The broad applications of MOBILE SDRAM/DDR SDRAM include PDA, DSC, Mobile phones, Networking, IPC, etc.:    

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